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COLOR INSPIRATION is a hymn to colours. Have fun and let yourself be inspired by a little touch of madness!  

This Summer 2017 season will definitely be full of colours! Bright, joyful, radiant shades, with vitamin hues, featuring intense purple and luminous fuchsia. This is a fact. Colour inspires, captivates, energizes, and thrills us! These colours will therefore be multiple, rich, saturated, juxtaposed, playful, rebellious so that the most craziest, the most surprising, the most unlikely combinations are allowed. 

MAVALA chose to add its own touch of INSPIRATION to this profusion of colors with 6 creations of dazzling and ultra shiny MINI COLOR’S, as intensive as primary shades, as stimulating as enchanting as the colour festival of Holi, symbolically celebrating the arrival of spring.


DELICATE COLLECTION is a wind of change and freshness. The warmer weather inspires fresh spring shades waking up a good mood. 

Daylight stretches, and the greys and dull colours of winter give way to a variety of pink tones for a healthy glow to sun-inspired beiges and dazzling whites.

Neutral hues, pastels are regaining their glory days and are finally gaining delicacy and preciousness.

The pinks are graciously tender like flower petals, the skin tones are sensually flirting with coral and tangerine, all in a cameo full of softness and light. Let yourself be tempted by the DELICATE COLLECTION with its 6 MINI COLOR nail polishes by MAVALA and wander through this magnificent orchid garden of exquisite shades, perfect, for a subtle touch of elegance... to the tips of your fingers! 

A L L    P R O D U C T S    A R E   A V A I L A B L E    
T H R O U G H    A P P R O V E D    &    A P P O I N T E D    
S T O C K I S T S    C O U N T R Y W I D E

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