short term goals

  • Expand opportunity for ARRO-powered Animal Rescue Centers in South Africa. 
  • Setup an organisation that reflects excellence in its working methodology and processes (eg. Completed shelters to be ISO certified (ISO9001/2015 and ISO1401/2018). 
  • Focus an ARRO-powered drive to rehabilitate shelters into critical Animal Rescue Centers in the Western Cape.
  • Finalise the first project delivery and line up at least two more.

medium term goals
(2019 - 2020)

  • Expand opportunity for ARRO-powered Animal Rescue Centers in South Africa. 
  • Planning and executing of satellite offices to expand the ARRO-powered impact drive around South Africa 
  • Duplicate the initial rollout effort to 5 teams working parallel on implementation of ARRO-powered Animal rescue Centers per calendar year 

long terms goals
(2021 +)

  • To make ARRO a recognised leading authority in Animal Rescue Centers operational management in South Africa, and then globally 
  • ARRO's Executive Team solidifies the local operation ensuring a consistent level of excellence.
  • Implement the ARRO Model (on special request) internationally: 3 team leaders/project managers to implement 3 projects simultaneously abroad. 
  • Through ARRO, other enterprises begin their own initiatives (eg. sponsor a drive of annual sterilisations in South Africa; lobby changes in law on a local and national to benefit abandoned animals and their carers, etc)

Account Name : Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Org Trust
Account No: 10011994499
Bank: Investec Bank Limited
Branch: 100 Grayston Drive
Branch code: 580105
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Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Org Trust
Trust Reg No: IT00574/2017
Tax Ref No: 0148/775/28/1
Non Profit Org : 190-013


P.O. Box 60378, Tableview, 7439 , South Africa
Phone: 082 464 9146

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